Welcome to PedicleScrews.com, the leading resource for patients with spinal hardware.

This site offers support and education for the thousands of people who have had spinal fusions, with or without metal implants.

We are aware that these surgeries are successful in a population of patients, but our objective is to serve a growing number of patients whose surgeries were less than ideal, often resulting in permanent disabilities.

Our online support group offers first-hand knowledge and information to help the spinal fusion patient get the answers that they are looking for.  Discussions include, but are not limited to, common side-effects, pain management and medications, relationship issues with both family and doctors and general support and friendship.

That, coupled with our extensive knowledge-based library
, (links located in side-bar) makes PedicleScrews.com an up-to-date and informative site on the web for a personal view on spinal fusions and implants.

Our survey is one way we gather information in an ongoing effort to  learn what side-effects are common amongst us. It is our hope that one day the proper research will be done on the affects these screws have on our bodies. Your input would be greatly appreciated. As we go forward, our wish is to share any side-effects that might arise in our futures. Our survey is one way to compile information that we can use to help others. (Find link in sidebar)

Please print out our flyer to post at your doctor's or lawyer's office. We appreciate your help in letting others know that they are not alone with their suffering.

Check back often as this website is an ongoing project. Feedback and suggestions are always welcomed. Join us for support, information and friendship.

All information contained on, or generated from this site is general information; not to be taken as legal or medical advice.  Please refer all medical and legal questions to a qualified professional. 


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